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To our Local Community

  • Sonoma County’s family-owned farms have been producing fresh, sustainable dairy and poultry products in Sonoma County for over 100 years. Measure J would leave generations of family farmers without a livelihood and put our local employers out of business, costing numerous jobs and devastating our local economy.


  • Measure J would drastically reduce the availability of locally sourced, ethically raised animal products in Sonoma County. That would force local consumers to buy food from outside the county or even out of state at higher prices, driving up greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Measure J is backed by radical extremists who want to outlaw all animal farming nationwide and even outlaw pet ownership. Supporters have used dirty and misleading tactics to collect signatures for this measure. They have terrorized local farmers, dozens have been arrested, and the group’s leader is now a convicted bioterrorist.


  • Sonoma County farms adhere to established standards for ensuring animal welfare, and a significant portion of farms follow organic practices. The restrictions imposed by Measure J are simply excessive and unnecessary.

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