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Sonoma County Cows

Save Sonoma County Family Farmers

Today, Sonoma County Family Farmers are under attack. Measure J, proposed by an animal extremist group from Berkeley, CA, aims to eliminate Sonoma County’s diverse animal agriculture production. If passed, Measure J could put multi-generational farming families out of business and as a result, the cost of dairy products, eggs, and poultry will increase significantly. Furthermore, Measure J will increase our greenhouse gas emissions since these products will have to be imported from other parts of our state, country or even other countries. Measure J will cost taxpayers millions.

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Learn more about how Measure J could impact multi-generational Sonoma County Farmers and cost tax payers millions of dollars.

Sonoma County Family Farmers Alliance Barn


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“As a Clover Sonoma organic dairy producer certified by CCOF, I pride myself on creating the highest quality dairy products from livestock that are well-fed and ethically treated. My cattle largely graze on open pastures and live in a low-stress environment, but my dairy may still be considered a CAFO because we house our cows during the winter months to ensure the protection of water quality and other natural resources and bring them in to be milked twice per day. Measure J would undermine our ability to maintain our sustainable operations and could put our multi-generational organic dairy out of business.”

Doug Beretta, Third Generation Owner, Beretta Family Organic Dairy


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